Great to talk with you and share some of the results I have experienced since including the FIT test results into my health regimen. A little background, I am currently the Medical Director of an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility and outpatient UNC hospital owned Pain Clinic.’ In the recent past I served as Olympic team physician for the Beijing games and your fair country’s event in the summer of 2012 at the London Olympic games.’ My personal experience that led me to pursue sports and pain medicine stems from my own health issues. Since the age of 17 I have had multiple aches and pains including a back disease with surgery, 2 shoulder surgeries, and dislocated left thumb. Oddly, enough the dislocated thumb has created the greatest impact on my ability to work as a chiropractor since 1989.

Now as an MD I have been performing steroid injections on my CMC (thumb joint) multiple times per year (I know…not good). I always knew there was something underlying that made me susceptible to this ongoing pain. Since I performed the FIT test and eliminated all of the food allergies (basically all the food I love) for the past 4 months my left thumb pain is gone, my back and shoulders feel great. I work out almost daily performing rigorous exercises outside with a group of men 2-3 times a week and perform boxing 2 days a week, which pounds on my thumb. The only pain I have now is normal muscle pain from the exercise. I am excited to see the results of my follow up FIT test. My trick will be to see how I can integrate KBMO into a hospital based pain clinic.