I have been using the FIT Test for the past 2 years in my Holistic Nutrition Practice and I absolutely love it. It allows me to implement a bio-individual approach through a diagnostic tool that patients are able to do in their own homes.

Some of my clients use the test just to continue with their healthy habits and eating only what their body agrees with. Others use it for weight loss goals and are astounded how the wrong foods have blocked their efforts. Many clients use the test to improve their inflammatory conditions, and I have seen amazing results.

For some clients who want to change their diet and don’t know where to start, the FIT test is a wonderful tool and is a great starting point as they are able to see which foods they have a negative reaction to. The FIT test is a great first step for my clients to developing healthier eating habits.

Fatigue diminishes, sleep and mood improves. All kinds of medical conditions that have formed to chronic inflammation improve when the foods that show a reaction in the blood test are removed from their daily food intake. Dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and acne get better or heal, arthritis and joint inflammation improves. One of my clients is pain free after decades of joint immobility, as long as she lives 100% by her test results. Chronic headaches, chronic migraines have improved, diminished, or are not part of my clients lives anymore. Learning difficulties have improved, as have mood disorders. I have seen clients see improvements with their depression and anxiety.

All kinds of digestive issues have improved. I see many clients with chronic stomach pain, which have not been able to pinpoint the cause or been diagnosed with a medical condition.

The FIT Test is a fabulous tool to help these clients. For some it has been life-changing!
Patients with gastro intestinal conditions, including diarrhea/constipation/bloating have gotten back to a balanced digestive tract after removing all foods that the body reacts to.

Personally I have used the FIT Test four times, and have healed some responses and recovered from health issues. My clients find that they were able to find the missing piece in their health puzzle with the FIT Test. The FIT 6 Test is a great follow up tool for clients who have reacted to eggs, cow’s milk dairy, and wheat/gluten. To see if the reactivity has been reduced or changed is so helpful. Sometimes it is very encouraging to take the test again, to see how the effort of removing a few foods from the meal plan has paid off. It can reduce the reactivity while healing takes place and after this period of refraining from eating it, an occasional intake might be better Digested and handled by the body.

Working with the whole team at KBMO Diagnostics is a joy and a pleasure. Everybody is so competent and eager to support; I can highly recommend to integrate the FIT Test into a holistic nutrition practice.