Zonulin Test


Source: Mike Mutzel

Our New Unique Zonulin Assay is Now Included on the FIT 132 and FIT 176

We are excited to introduce another unique assay to the market, Dr Brent Dorval and Dr Alessio Fasano have partnered to create the only Zonulin assay which does not cross react with haptoglobin, properdin or any complement fragments. They have achieved this by creating a unique recombinant zonulin protein. By measuring the Zonulin antibody It makes the assay also uniquely stable to avoid the fluctuations reported in Zonulin protein assays. The assay also has similar positivity rates as seen in Fasano’s letter to the Lancet, Zonulin is available on the KBMO FIT 176 and FIT 132 panels in serum and blood spot.

For further information please see a short presentation by our CSO Dr Dorval and Our CEO James White.

Zonulin is a protein that is synthesized in intestinal cells and liver cells. It is a key biomarker for intestinal permeability and is the only regulator of intestinal permeability that is reversible. Zonulin is one of three ways the FIT test can diagnose a leaky gut, along with finding a sensitivity to Candida and multiple Food Sensitivities. It is estimated that anywhere between 50 and 100 percent of food intolerance sufferers have increased intestinal permeability.

Increased intestinal permeability can be caused by food allergies and sensitivities, stress, infections, and low stomach acid, among other causes. Elevated levels of Zonulin are associated with Celiac Disease, Autoimmune disease, and Multiple Sclerosis, in addition to other chronic illnesses.

In a healthy gut, there are healthy cell junctions and good nutrient absorption. In a leaky gut, however, the Villi are damaged, there is poor absorption and the cell junctions are loose. This means that bacteria and unwanted items can pass through the gut, as seen in the picture to the right.

Zonulin Testing is best performed with the patient’s first FIT Test to provide a baseline for the Zonulin levels. This gives patients the opportunity to track their progress after implementing an elimination diet based on the FIT Test results. We recommend retesting when you retest your FIT. 

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