Initially I found out about KBMO at a functional medicine conference in Miami earlier this year. I met the KBMO rep and chatted about the test and decided to take it myself.

In a role reversal, I found myself being the injured athlete rather than the doctor after a busy triathlon & marathon season. Having gone through a great rehab program and adhering to a good anti-inflammatory diet my injuries just wouldn’t fully resolve. In addition, I noticed other health ailments that popped up along the way including weight gain & snoring.

After receiving the results of the KBMO FIT test I found that in spite of a very healthful diet, I had tested positive for inflammatory reactions to some of my staple foods. Some I expected, others were totally unexpected. Within days of eliminating them from my diet 99% of my musculoskeletal aches and pains resolved and my snoring had resolved. Within a couple weeks I was able fit my wedding ring back on my finger and I fit into my nice suit again. No more headaches, no more neck or back pain, no more Achilles tendinosis pain and finally I was back on track to getting myself into triathlon shape again. What a breakthrough!

Who knew some of my staple healthy foods were contributing to my health issues? After experiencing the KBMO FIT test for myself, it’s so much easier to be passionate about the benefits of this test with my patients. The precision of the test results helps me guide patients very specifically when it comes to the age old question of which foods to eat and which foods to stay away from. Even a healthful diet like mine needed some tweaking and the KBMO FIT test was the perfect tool to help.

Thank you for making it such an easy test to take myself and administer to my patients. The results are incredibly helpful and the new IPhone app makes accessing my (and my patient’s) results a cinch!