Patient FAQ

Our tests must be ordered through a registered provider. If you have received a reference number from your provider, you may go to our website and order using that reference number here.

You can find a list of all 176 foods tested here.

No. You do not need to fast for our FIT test.

It varies depending on which test you are taking. Ideally, all 5 spots should be filled for each test but we understand that may not always be possible. Gut Barrier Panel (only) = 2 spots , FIT 22 = 3 spots , FIT 132 and 176 = 5 spots

Bloodspot Strip

If you do not get enough blood, you can simply call us and request more lancets be sent directly to you or you can go to your local pharmacy to pick up a diabetic lancet to complete the process!

For fingerstick kits once the blood is on the card it is good for 30 days. For blood draw kits the blood sample needs to be sent next day air as it is only good for 7 days.

Your results will be posted to your provider upon completion and then you will be able to obtain your results from your provider. For FIT 132 and FIT 176 you will also receive your results via our app.

For FIT 132 and 176 tests you will receive an email from us 14 days after your results are posted to your provider with instructions on how to download and create an account.

No, we do not take insurance, but you may use an HSA/FSA card if you have one.

Please contact your provider for pricing on test.