Provider FAQ

We have two ways to register. You can sign up through our website by contacting a member of our new accounts team here. Or you can sign up to drop ship patient’s kits directly to their home here.

Give us a call at 617-933-8130 and a customer service representative will assist you in placing your order or follow the instructions on our website.

Our tests must be ordered through a provider. If you have a reference number, you may give that out to patients who can then order on our website for a drop ship directly to their home.

You can find a list of all 176 foods tested here.

No, we suggest they keep to their current diet.

All results will be uploaded to a HIPPA compliant portal called “” which you can access here. Once the results from your first test are received and completed you will then receive an invite from us to set up your account and view all results that way. If you have any issues please email us or call us directly at 617-933-8130.

We offer a free provider to provider consultation with one of our registered providers to help walk you through patient results or any general questions about our testing! Please schedule your consultation request here and someone will get back to you with 24 hours.

To prevent samples from hemolyzing we have all serum samples use overnight delivery. There will be no one to receive samples on Saturday to refrigerate so we kindly ask you to only send serum samples Mon-Thurs.