From as early an age as I can remember, I always had problems with eczema on my hands and feet.My whole life I’ve been suffering with pain early in the morning or being exhausted in the middle of the day. My parents always thought I wanted to bail out of school, but I was just waking up in pain all over my body. This pain continued my whole life; my stomach was always twisted in a nut.At the age of 50 I simply refused to live in pain and started crying at my doctor’s office during one of the visits. He wanted to put me on antidepressants. I refused, knowing that could be just a palliative treatment.

As a dentist myself, I decided to take things into my own hands. Doctors had no diagnosis or treatment for me. Out of desperation I googled “eczema on your finger. Pictures popped up. I chose the one that looked the closest to my eczema. Guess what Pandora’s box opened. In the process of trying to figure things out I went through the AIP FOD MAP diet. This was suggested by a gastroenterologist who diagnosed me with IBS 10 years ago and with no celiac gluten sensitivity 4 years ago. I did detox, elimination diet and yes, I did cry at the grocery stores. I have returned multiple products, processed meats and other stuff that in my opinion could have potential allergens that I shouldn’t have eaten. I had not learned yet about reading all ingredients before buying. Yes, I did swear in the store; I screamed over the phone to my husband that there is nothing I can eat.

Because of doctors knowing almost nothing about my issues I flew back to Poland where I come from. Doctors over there diagnosed me with psoriasis. I was told that I would have to figure out all the possible trigger foods on my own. I came back to the US and my chiropractor introduced me to KBMO Diagnostics.

Only if I had known about them earlier it would save me so much money! It would save me so much trouble, frustration and the elimination diet.

The FIT Test from KBMO Diagnostics has revealed they I can’t have gluten, wheat, eggs… that’s okay. However, who would ever think about asparagus, salmon, black tea or cane sugar?! As soon as I started following suggestions from KBMO Diagnostics my psoriasis symptoms started disappearing. I basically got rid of almost all psoriatic lesions from my body.
Thank you KBMO Diagnostics. You guys are great.

As a dentist, I have their brochures at my front desk and I am able to diagnose my patients just by looking at them. Sometimes they’re complaining about other symptoms like headaches of unknown origins or some belly problems or simply just being tired all the time. Some of my patients are interested in the test themselves.

KBMO Diagnostics has a great tool in their hands. I just hope many more medical doctors will turn their attention towards this valuable test instead of giving patients drugs like antidepressants or simply diagnosing them with fibromyalgia.