I got introduced to the FIT Test a year ago, last January, when I met my current doctor. He was the first person to finally give me the right diagnosis after a few tests, and after taking my first food sensitivity test I could feel the changes!

I had way too many antibiotics about 3 years ago which badly affected by digestion. Everyone before kept telling me based on my basic blood work that I’m okay and that my body probably just needs more time..?! I knew that wasn’t the case. Before the antibiotics I was a very healthy person who would never get sick and had huge appetite for food. I loved food! But then things changed, I was tired all the time, had a persistent rash on my neck and most of the foods I was eating left me with pain and discomfort. When I met my current doctor he confirmed that I struggle with Leaky Gut Syndrome and sadly I also learned I was in an early stage of autoimmune disease. That was shocking, but knowing that in a couple of years I went from feeling strong to having pain in my joints all over my body, lost muscle and lost hair, I wasn’t surprised.

Since discovering this test, I have taken it almost every month and it is working magic for me!! My joint pain is gone, after awhile I was able to enjoy food more, and by fall I had no sign of autoimmune disease! That was a huge relief!! My body is still healing and I have to watch what I eat and rotate foods but the reaction to foods went from many to few, including my sensitivity to wheat and gluten which is now gone. I also learned over the months that my body doesn’t react well to dairy, and the reaction is recurring. But, it is easy to substitute dairy these days. I would highly recommend this test to anyone who has some reactions to foods and is looking to improve their health.