FIT Test

The FIT Test detects food sensitivities using a blood sample. Our product is more than just the FIT Test. Patients must take this test through a medical provider, which helps the patient fully understand his or her results in regards to his or her health. In addition to the FIT Test, we offer seven-day personalized meal plans created by a meal planner. Additionally, we offer a mobile phone app so patients can take their results on-the-go. This simplifies day-to-day tasks including grocery shopping and dining at restaurants.

Foods We Test

We measure the following 132 foods colorings and additives including Candida. Find out which you are sensitive to and start a new way of living.

Patient Results

Each person is sensitive to different foods colorings or additives. See below for an Example of what the FIT test results look like and contact your healthcare provider.

Meal Plan

We have recently hired 10 nutritionists to provide individualized 7 Day meal plans based on the patient’s FIT Test results. See below for an example meal plan.

Bloodspot Tutorial Video

Watch the tutorial video for instructions on how to properly collect a blood sample for the fingerstick kit.

  • Fingerstick Collection Instructions

  • Bloodspot Card

  • Sterile Single-Use Lancets
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • Biohazard Bag

  • Patient Requisition Form

  • Pre-Stamped USPS Mailing Envelope
    OR a UPS Bag and Pre-Paid Label

Mobile App

We offer a mobile app to patients, available on both iOS and Android devices. The mobile app allows patients to take their results on-the-go. Patients can also view their meal plan on the app.
The app allows patients constant, convenient access to their test information.

For more information regarding the App please contact us at