Dr. Kara Fitzgerald & Dr. Brent Dorval

In general, I am a fan of IgG food sensitivity testing. While we can in some cases manage just fine using a standard elimination and challenge protocol, IgG testing can benefit patients in a few ways, such as: providing motivating data, individualizing the foods needing to be removed and identify less-common antigenic foods. However, if you are using IgG food sensitivity testing in practice, you’ve no doubt encountered false negatives and positives. (Indeed, you may have abandoned IgG testing for these reasons!) Dr. Brent Dorval, through a rather remarkable epiphany during his post-doctorate work, formed the hypothesis that testing for IgG/food immune complexes, along with the specific complement protein (C3d) that induces the inflammatory response, would increase the reliability of the test considerably. After a number of years of bench and clinical research, Brent finalized the methodology for his assay (now called the FIT Test, offered through KBMO Diagnostics) and the rest is history.

Brent Dorval, PhD has over 25 years of experience in strategic management of research, manufacturing and regulatory affairs in the area of medical devices and diagnostics. Previously, Dr. Dorval held a number of management positions and served as an advisor to the World Health Organization committee on vaccines and diagnostics. Brent is the inventor of the FIT Test which measures IgG and Immune Complexes against a variety of food antigens. In addition, he has several patents covering rapid assays, novel biomarkers and a novel Polio Virus vaccine. Brent holds a Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology and Immunology from the College of Medicine, The Ohio State University and performed postdoctoral studies and was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    • The FIT test developed by Dr. Dorval and offered through KBMO Diagnostics, measures IgG/food immune complex, plus associated split complement protein C3d.
    • The mechanism behind IgG/food immune complex-driven inflammation is centered around the activation of complement (C3d).

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  • These components are measured simultaneously with 132 different foods and food additives.
  • Blood spot or serum testing available
  • KBMO’s nutrition team is available for consultation and support for both patient and ordering clinician as needed. The team designs an individualized elimination and rotation diet based on the results. (For new clinicians without a practice nutritionist, this assistance is priceless!)