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Basics Behind Our Custom Meal Planning

When creating our personalized meal plans for each individual patient, we follow a specific set of guidelines that were created by our personal nutritionist through her research.

    • Do not include any items that the FIT test blood results displayed a reaction to
    • If someone has a cows milk/ casein sensitivity then we do not include cows dairy items, Greek yogurt, cheese, sour cream and mozzarella

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    • If someone has a gluten sensitivity we eliminate wheat, barley and rye
    • We recommend that patients purchased only organic soy products

  • Corn products are used sparingly in our meal plans and are also recommended as being purchased organic
  • Do not include grapefruit, as the enzyme in grapefruit can lower the absorption rate of many prescription medications that a patient could be taking
  • Check for candida prior to starting patients meal plans
  • Limit egg consumption to a maximum of three in one breakfast
  • We avoid repeating the same foods to frequently in order to create a diverse meal plan


For more in depth information about the test, cross reactivity tables, and The Doctors Guide to Delayed Food Sensitivities please use the Providers Login:

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