COVID-19 Blood Draw and Fingerstick Test Kits Now Available


We are happy to try and be part of the solution to the current Pandemic with the release of our Serum antibody C-19 test and the partnership with 6000 phlebotomists to test patients at home. 

The Test

The kit detects 2019-nCoV IgM and IgG antibodies by immuno- capture method. The nitrocellulose membrane is coated by mouse-anti human monoclonal IgM antibodies, mouse-anti human monoclonal IgG antibodies, and goat-anti-mouse IgG antibodies. The recombinant 2019-nCoV antigen and mouse IgG antibodies are labeled with colloidal gold as a tracer. The antibodies will bind to colloidal gold-coated 2019- nCoV antigens to form compounds, which are further captured by pre-coated mouse-anti human IgM antibodies to form new compounds, and generate real time results.

Collection Methods

COVID-19 Fingerstick Test:

The fingerstick is another great solution for telemedicine providers and patients who want to eliminate the need for phlebotomy. It will require 3 blood spots and will be shipped back overnight to our facility with a turnaround time to results of 48-72 hours. Please watch the BloodSpot Collection Tutorial below to ensure a successful fingerstick.

BloodSpot Collection Tutorial

COVID-19 Blood Draw Test:

Blood draw kits require a phlebotomist either at your provider’s office or we can provide mobile phlebotomy services to come to your home as specified by your provider.

The turnaround time is 24-48 hours from the kit arriving at our laboratory and we then send the results to, a HIPPA compliant cloud solution.

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Prices for mobile phlebotomy services

Single draw: $100.00
Multiple draws: $100.00 for first and $50.00 for each additional draw at the same location
Hourly draws (3 hour minimum): $100.00 per hour


Drop Ship kits and at home Phlebotomy Service

We have partnered with 6000 Phlebotomist to enable patients to be tested at home. Click the button below for details.

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More Information

COVID-19 PowerPoint (PDF, 17 pages, 1.1MB)